Practice areas:

We facilitate the liaison, communication and negotiation between our international clients intending to explore business opportunities in China and their Chinese suppliers/customers as a virtual “Representative Office” in China.

In detail:

Whereas it is definitely much costly for most foreign small and medium-sized enterprises to maintain a representative office or a branch in China, such as human capital, renting cost and travel expense etc., we are committed to “representative” services with economical fee structure for those intending to explore business opportunities in China. The “representative” services include but not limited to business investigation, feasibility study, liaison, site inspection and negotiation etc. All services are provided or supervised by experienced business lawyers.

Core Areas of Practice:

• Liaison with Chinese suppliers/customers

• To inspect deliveries of the goods

• Credit investigation of Chinese suppliers

• To supervise legal documents

• To recover overdue receivables

• Chinese law advice

• IPR protection

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