Practice areas:

We provide virtual general counsel services for companies both domestic and foreign invested, including but not limited to regular legal advice for the business operation & management, supervising legal documents, legal training, disputes prevention and resolution etc.

In detail:

Companies without in-house legal counsel are often forced to rely on traditional law firms for day-to-day legal matters which can lead to increased costs. The above problem is amplified for companies that operate across international jurisdictions where having in-house counsels in each country may not be cost efficient or practical. We are dedicated to outside general counsel services for foreign invested companies (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises and Joint Ventures etc.) in China with respect to their business operation and management.

Core Areas of Practice:

• Provision of regular legal advice for the business operation and management 

• Taking part in the negotiations between the clients and its customers if requested

• To draft, review or modify contracts and other legal documents

• Provision of legal training courses for the employees of the clients upon request

• To assist and arrange the clients to communicate with the relevant departments of the government 

• To offer legal opinion or advice on the protection of intellectual property rights

• To issue “Lawyer Letter” to third parties and respond to “Lawyer Letter” issued by third parties

• To draft and publicize the “Legal Notice” in media on behalf of the clients

• Provision to the clients with the latest Chinese laws and regulations information


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