Practice areas:

Our labor & employment law team have in-depth knowledge and experience with regard to all aspects of China’s employment and labor laws, on which we regularly provide legal advice and services to foreign companies doing business in China. 

In detail:

Our labor and employment law team mainly focused on China labor and employment law practice. We specialize in assisting clients in negotiation, arbitration/litigation, dealing with complicated and emergent situations or crisis and collective bargaining with trade unions or employee representatives. We have received a high degree of recognition and respect due to our long-time commitment for labor and employment law practice. 

Core Areas of Practice:

• Employment contracts & termination 

• Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreements

• Employer rules and discipline

• Labor dispute resolution

• Overtime pay, employee leave and maternity leave

• Work-related injuries and illnesses

• Trade secret protection

• Workforce relocation, reduction and lay-off

• Work and residence permits


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