Practice areas:

Our criminal law team consists of seasoned criminal lawyers qualified to practice throughout China. We have profound understanding of Chinese criminal proceedings and compliance and can provide practical legal services on the strength of our significant expertise and rich experience.

In detail:

Few legal matters carry higher stakes than criminal charges. Particularly, China has developed a unique criminal legal system in the past decades. Criminal legal issues should not be ignored.

Our dedicated criminal defense team has a long track record of successfully defending clients against charges of corporate crime and other economic crime. Our lawyers bring backgrounds in criminology, police work, prosecution and other aspects of criminal law to bear in defending our clients’ interests.

Core Areas of Practice:

• Meeting with the criminal suspect in detention house

• Criminal defense and petition

• Representation of victims in criminal cases

• Establishment of criminal compliance system

• Review and assessment of criminal risks

• Crime prevention and risk control

• Evidence collection and criminal offense reporting


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