Dongsong “Henry” Lee
2023-02-23 10:47:35

Dongsong “Henry” Lee

Henry Lee, a Managing Partner of Shanghai Puruo Law Offices.

 Henry received Doctor of Law from the University of Science and Technology of Macau. Since practicing law in 2008, he has always been interested in providing comprehensive and professional legal services to the company. He has rich experience in legal affairs such as labor and personnel and corporate compliance (including corporate criminal compliance), corporate equity incentives (equity disputes), financing mergers and acquisitions, criminal defense (economic criminal cases), and has been providing perennial legal counsel to dozens of enterprises, comprehensive legal services for the relocation (closure) of enterprises. He is familiar with aviation law, and has been providing professional legal services for pilots, general airlines, aviation finance leasing companies, airport equipment companies and airport food companies. He has been interviewed by news media such as Shanghai Securities News, Guangzhou Daily, Macao Law Daily, Pudong TV and so on for many times, and expressed expert opinions on relevant legal issues. Henry's working languages are Chinese and English.


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