International transfer scam against lawyers
2023-07-12 11:51:08

We would like to share an international transfer scam against lawyers, which could be possibly of some help for you.

Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT (Passport No. A54644937; with a Chinese name “廖秋月”), a Malaysian citizen consulted a Shanghai local law firm by the telephone number 0060 14 254 5909 with respect the legal services to report a TikTok anchor who allegedly committed fraud to Chinese local police. Soon afterwards, Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT signed an engagement agreement with the law firm. On the same day, Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT presented the law firm a remittance receipt and alleged that the law firm would receive the payment in 3~ 5 working days. At the same time, Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT urgently prompted the lawyers to handle her case immediately. After 7 working days, the law firm did not receive the payment. Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT presented another payment receipt and explained that the remitting bank was examining the international transfer. another 5 working days passed and the law firm still did not receive the payment, while Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT explained that the remitting bank was still in the process of examination. The law firm checked the second remittance receipt again and found it was very suspicious. Among others, the payer is Mageline Au Pty Ltd (ACN: 645 229 170; ABN: 91 645 229 170; bank account: 732-085 717724), the status of which is “Strike-Off Action in Progress”. So far, the law firm was convinced that Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT had been maliciously committing fraud.

The law firm also noted that Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT had used many a remittance receipt, the payers of which are Mageline Au 2 (732-085 716465), Mageline Au (732-085 714224) respectively. It is much possible that Ms. LIAU SIEW GUAT utilized them to cheat,commit money-laundry or set up other people.


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